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Kolabati.com is a premier online store for tea and beverages, exotic spices and products from the nature.

We also provide a highly customized trip to the Northeastern States!! May  it be a concert at the hill top of North east? Or a family getaway to enjoy the rain of Mawsynram, Meghalaya? Or may be to explore the King Palaces in Tripura and many more rarely unexplored places of North-East. We promise to bring you a bunch of worthy experiences and happiness for you.


Kolabati.com is on a highly impactful mission of serving back the tribal communities of India with every purchases you make on Kolabati.com only.

25% of the profit from your purchase shall be contributed for the schooling and skill development programmes of the tribal communities of India. Your purchase shall help a child to get basic education or a youth will be skilled to earn his/her living. 

Make your contribution for a better India.

*All the development works updates shall be uploaded on our social media platforms, periodically.*

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